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Amorito is a social dating platform focus on knowing new people anywhere in the world. Think of us as the point of connection. Once you get into the Amorito platform, you can choose the distance or the location you want to meet new people.If you swipe to the left, switch to the next person and If you swipe to the right you show interest in that person and if that person swipe right, it means that a match has been made with that person and you will be able to communicate and have a deeper conversation. The platform offers three ways to communicate such as chat, voice call, and video call. Any user can choose if they want to receive reward in AMO tokens for minutes spoken in voice call and video call. Already sounds interesting? And that's not all. the platform also offers you the opportunity through the Super Like option, to notify the person you want to know you are interested in, the Super Like cost will be rewarded for that person. Compared to the rest of the platforms, all options are free, the only costs will be rewards for other users.

Why are we different from other social networks?

Most Blockchain based Social Networks try to offer a reward system for copyrighted content.By definition, our social netwoking is a platform that allows people to communicate and make new acquaintaces or friends, that is why we are trying to remain a social networking based on the rewards and not changing it into a freelancing or stock image platform.

Amorito mix the functions of the most important socialization platform for knowing new people, adding new things that will have a great impact on winning real money and a big step in helping to create connections between people.

We believe that decentralization is the future of the Internet

The Amorito project expects to achieve two targets:

Create a community where the connection between people is as easy as possible

The majority of social platforms are based on a centralized system,where most of the income it has as destination the mother company.The Amorito platform offers opportunities,such as a cryptocurrency reward system and destroys the amorous triangle created by the other platforms offering the 100% reward compared to a centralized system where rewards are between 0% -40%.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

In order to successfully deliver our final product we are launching a ICO Token offering

The price during the ICO will be as follows:

AMO tokens available for sale AMO token price rate
ICO 300 000 000 1 eth = 10 000 AMO

To participate in the Amorito Token ICO, please go to your account:


Contribution Agreement & Terms and Conditions

icon of ICO to issue Amorito tokens on the public blockchain


  • Amorito's development of the socialization platform

    Development of the bussines plan

    December 2017 - January 2018

    Begin managing an established team for development of the platform and AMO token architectures. Starting the development of the socialization platform

  • Amorito's tokens pre-ico


    7 February 2018 - 28 February 2018

    We start to distribute the AMO tokens to the public. 150.000.000 tokens will be available for sale at a rate of 1 ETHER = 20 000 AMO

  • Amorito's ICO


    1 March 2018 - 22 March 2018

    Another 300.000.000 AMO tokens will be available for sale at a rate of 1 ETHER = 10 000 AMO

  • Amorito's alpha version of the wallet

    Launch alpha version of the wallet

    April 2018

  • Amorito's exchange platform

    First time listed on an exchange platform

    April 2018

  • Amorito's bank icon

    Launch of the alpha version of the socialization platform

    June 2018

  • Amorito's investment solutions icon

    Launch of the beta version of the wallet

    August 2018

  • Amorito's new types of money icon

    Release beta version of the socialization platform

    October 2018

    100,000 users

  • Amorito's prepaid card

    Prepaid card credit integration

    November 2018

  • February 2019
    10.000.000 users


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Matei Mark


Paul Rosca

Paul Rosca


Marius Suciu

Marius Suciu


Ioana Moldovan

Ina Moldovan


Sofia Lup

Sofia Lup